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  Scientific American, May 2018: Default network primes us to think socially (html or pdf)

  SCN Research in National Geographic. (html or pdf)

  UCLA Magazine, April 2011: Head Games (pdf)

  Persuasion Podcast by BBC's Science in Action: Quitting Success (mp3)

  Science Careers' article on Social Neuroscience: Peering Inside the Brain. (html or pdf)

  For Research on Social Support and Pain, (click here)

  David Brooks discusses SCN lab research in the New York Times. (pdf)

  Lieberman wins APA Early Career Award. (pdf)

  New York Times article on rationalization in amnesics and monkeys. (pdf)

  Jennifer Pfeifer wins Charles E. and Sue K. Young Award. (pdf)

  Naomi Eisenberger wins Chancellor's Award for Postdoctoral Research. (pdf)

  Oscar winning writer/director Stephen Gaghan stops by the lab. (html)

  Newsweek article on Social Neuroscience. (html

or pdf)

  APA Monitor article: Talking the pain away. (html or pdf)

  New York Times article by Dan Goleman on Social Neuroscience. (html or pdf)


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Default Network Primes Us to Think Socially
The Brain Basis of Buzz
Affect Labeling
Smoking and Self-Control
David Brooks discusses SCN lab research in the New York Times
Automaticity and control research.
  Chronic grief associated with reward responses in brain
The neural and chemical bases of fairness
Affect Labeling disrupts amygdala activity to affective stimuli
Lieberman, Berkman, & Wager reply to Vul et al on Voodoo Correlations
Brain Scans Reveal Why Meditation Works
First issue of Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience is now online. Free access for all: table of contents & ress release
This issue of NeuroImage contains a section devoted to social cognitive neuroscience papers and was edited by Dr. Lieberman.
neurobio self The Neuroscience of Self-Knowledge
Lab members Naomi Eisenberger and Molly Crockett win the Charles E. and Sue K. Young Awards for academic excellence.
face web Race and the Brain
rejection The Overlap between Social and Physical Pain
The Neural Bases of Placebo Effects