Name: Jennifer Pfeifer
Position: Associate Professor, University of Oregon

University of California, Los Angeles, Ph.D.

Stanford University, B. A.

Lab Website: Click here to link to the webpage of Jennifer Pfeifer, Ph.D.

Research Interest:
I'm interested in social cognitive development during the transition from childhood to adolescence, including how this is related to functional changes in the developing brain. Most recently I've been interested in how - and why - personal and social identities shaped during this time impact both self and social perception, such as self-knowledge retrieval or intergroup biases in neural processes underlying empathetic responses (with Drs. Matt Lieberman, Mirella Dapretto, and Marco Iacoboni). I study these same phenomena on the behavioral level, by examining the relationships between ethnic identity and intergroup attitudes (with Dr. Andrew Fuligni), as well as what events during the school day make gender or ethnic identity salient (with Dr. Christia Brown). In addition, I'm interested in establishing whether the development of inhibitory control affects children's performance on tasks measuring implicit associations (with Drs. Christia Brown and Matt Lieberman).